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The Many Ministries of Grace Cathedral

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We offer many ways to get involved and serve the liturgy or the community at Grace Cathedral. Learn more about all of our ministries below.

Bayview Mission

Bayview Mission is a special mission of the Episcopal Diocese of California, with strong support from Grace Cathedral. It provides enrichment services and meets basic needs for families with infants and toddlers, seniors, and foster care groups in the Bayview/Hunters Point area.

Children, Youth, and Family Ministries

Sunday programs for children, youths, and teenagers that encourage familiarity with faith, worship, and conversations about life’s big questions.

Dinner with Grace

Teams prepare food and share a meal with formerly homeless people now living in supportive housing in the Tenderloin.


Men of Grace

Committed to supporting one another, Men of Grace conduct a variety of activities to deepen their faith and provide service to the cathedral and wider community.

Seniors with Grace

The cathedral’s seniors are a diverse, stimulating community of seasoned people who are aging with grace. We gather to learn, grow, stay healthy and enjoy each other’s company — and everyone is welcome at our gatherings.

Stitching Ministry

To provide knit or crocheted items to comfort, soothe and care for those who might need encouragement or support in their lives.

Sunday Book Study

The 4:30 Book Study Group – an excellent opportunity for adult Christian education – has multiple study/discussion series during the year, each consisting of approximately 5 to 6 weeks. We are primarily a self-led group with members sharing a rotation of weekly leadership and selection of new reading material. All are welcome to attend even if you don’t think you can make all sessions of a particular series. Some of the authors which we have read include Marcus Borg and Dominic Crosson, Cynthia Bourgeault, Barbara Brown Taylor, Sinclair Lewis, Rene Girard, Karen Armstrong, Delia Ilio, Howard Thurman, and Richard Rohr.

Learn more on Class for Adults page. Contact Bob White for more information.

Thursday Bible Study

Contact Peter Grace for more information.


Bread Bakers Guild

Makes the sacramental bread for Holy Eucharist used on Sundays and in special celebrations.

Contact Kirsten Tucker for more information.


Carillon Guild

Carillonneurs, or bell ringers, share in the expression of music as worship by playing the cathedral carillon before and after worship and on special occasions.

Contact Terry Shelton for more information.


Education for Ministry (EfM)

EfM is lay education for anyone interested in spiritual development and information about the Bible, church history, and theology. Join the new summer series (July 6 – August 10) about St Paul. Read more about EfM in our blog.

Contact Roberta Sautter for more information.


Garden Guild

Meets regularly to weed, prune, replant and maintain the landscaping and gardens around the cathedral.

Contact Julia Held for more information.


Healing Ministry

Contact Peter Grace for more information.


Jail Ministry: Stories from Mom & Dad

Contact Tom Leffler for more information.


Labyrinth Guild

Contact Eva Woo Slavitt for more information.



Read the lessons during worship services.

Contact Roberta Sautter for more information.


Serve Breakfast with GLIDE

Contact Steph McNally for more information.


Vocations Discernment

Contact Mary Wood for more information.


Women in Community

Women in Community started ten years ago and is a joyful group of women of faith who gather informally once a month for conversation and community in private residences or periodically at Grace Cathedral for lunch after the 11:00 Sunday Eucharist. We welcome you to join us as we celebrate our love and friendships.

Contact Joanne Compean at [email protected] for more information.