Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Social Justice

For a better world.

Social justice and volunteering are central to the mission of Grace Cathedral.

They are the ways we help build a more just and loving world here in San Francisco and beyond our city. Check out all the ways that Grace is involved in social justice:

End Slavery for Good

The 13th Amendment — as well as many state constitutions — contains a loophole that makes forced labor legal as punishment for a crime, called “the punishment clause.” Stand with Grace, stand with justice, and stand for all by joining Grace in endorsing the movement to end slavery.

Racial Justice

Systemic racism is at the root of many forms of inequality and violence and we are committed to being an anti-racist community and advocating for racial justice.

Climate Change

Through advocacy, education, and careful consideration of our own carbon footprint, Grace Cathedral is committed to caring for the Earth.

Gender Justice

Building on its rich history, Grace Cathedral continues to oppose sexism, homophobia, and transphobia through public witness and advocacy.

Gun Violence

With the help of community partners, we are committed to making San Francisco and beyond a safer place by working to reduce gun violence.

Citizen Awareness

At Grace Cathedral we take our civic duty seriously and encourage all our members to think through their political, social and economic positions and decisions.

Not all Christians vote the same way, but all Christians ought to be involved and concerned enough with the world around them to vote.

Early Education

The Community Preschool provides a child-centered, inquiry-focused, play-based learning experience to an intentionally mixed socioeconomic group of children aged 3-5.

Senior Care and Advocacy

We create a diverse, stimulating community of seasoned people who are aging with grace. We gather to learn, grow, stay healthy and enjoy each other’s company.