Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Social Justice

Climate Change

Advocate for Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time.

It adversely affects many lives, especially among the world’s poorest people and nations. It is a spiritual and religious issue as much as a political and social one; the earth is loved by God, created by God, in-dwelt by God, and we are called to care for it.

Global Climate Action Summit Multi-Faith Service

Grace Cathedral was honored to be hosting the opening ceremony for the summit. We also took part in activities with Rise for Climate.

2018 Artist in Residence Sukey Bryan

For 2018, our theme was Truth, and our Artist in Residence addressed the truth about climate change. In 2017, Bryan created Sky Steps for Easter and Earth Day at the cathedral. This work of art robed the Great Steps in sky and cloud and greatly impacted visitors. For her residency, Bryan created original works outside and inside the cathedral, timed to Earth Day, Pentecost, and the summit.