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Sound Baths

You will thank yourself for this gift of sound.

Allow yourself to be transported through a journey of sound unlike any other in the Bay Area. Join us in the transcendent space of Grace Cathedral as our core musicians, Fractals of Sound (Egemen Sanli, Phoenix Song, Sam Jackson) with a rotating fourth musician, help you to push pause on all the noise and allow your body to sink deep into the primal sounds of creation, all from the comfort of your yoga mat or sleeping bag! Join our annual GraceArts cultural membership program to enjoy discounts on all our sound baths, along with many other arts, music, and cultural offerings (and more!) found only at Grace. Details below.

Be Transported

Nāda yoga is one of the most powerful meditation techniques to calm the mind and connect to a higher state of consciousness. In our sound baths, you listen to calming, beautiful sounds and focus your attention on the music. This process of deep external listening helps you start to hear your own internal sounds – the cyclical rhythm of your breath, the pulsing of your blood, and the energy of the nerves generating your own electric hum… all of these are instruments playing your body’s music.

Whether you lie down, close your eyes, and go inward or sit up and watch the musicians channel their divinity as the changing colors light up the cathedral, you will thank yourself for this gift of sound. These monthly sound baths provide a deep point of meditation to retune your cells, help you vibrate at a more healing frequency, and allow you to hear your own song.

Egemen Sanli

Egemen Sanli is a modern dervish, carrying the flag of his Turkish roots as a musician. He plays the sitar alongside other ethnic instruments (shamisen, saz, hang and handpan drums, banjo, flutes). He utilizes beats, loops and tanpura machines to compliment his joyful improvisations based on traditional Eastern ragas. He lives and performs regularly in the Bay Area; he is also a certified Yoga teacher.

Phoenix Song

Phoenix Song (formerly known as Amber Field), has been performing since 2004 and was featured in San Francisco Magazine’s Best of the Bay for yoga music in 2009. They have lived in Korea, Nepal, India, Liberia, Peru, and the SF Bay Area and specialize in world fusion. Phoenix Song plays didgeridoo, esraj, djembe, Native flute, harmonium, and sings like an angel. They love to free people’s voices and drums in private and group classes.

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson, founder and director of VibrantStillness is a masterful Crystal Bowls player. His resonant melodies and floating harmonics unite the spaces of composition and sound healing. As a founding musician of Grace Cathedral’s Yoga on the Labyrinth, his Crystal Bowls and Paiste Gongs have inspired thousands of yoga practitioners to ground into their moving meditation with a vibrant sense of calm and presence.

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