Gender Justice

Grace Cathedral welcomes people of all sexualities and people who are cis, trans, intersex and non-binary and into our life and leadership.

The cathedral has a great history around justice for LGBTQ San Franciscans through our work in the AIDS crisis in the 1980s and 1990s and our work on LGBTQ equality within the Episcopal Church. We have also been at the forefront of women’s rights and have proudly marched in both Women’s Marches. We host conversations on gender violence and women’s reproductive and working rights, and are thoughtful about the gender language we use in worship.


We prepared for the 2019 Women’s March with a variety of inspirational and exciting events, including The Vine’s Rise Up: A Spiritual Rally for Gender Equality. We heard from a diverse group of guest speakers and created signs for the march.

The night before the march, we welcomed Kitka Women’s Vocal Emsemble and Vajra Voices for the Eve of the March, celebration of the divine feminine in song.

Then, on Saturday, January 19, we gathered on the steps of the cathedral before joining the march. We warmly invited everyone — men, women and children– to join us and share our message of  “Grace for All” that encompasses human rights, civil rights, justice, equality, peace and love for all!



On Tuesday, October 2, we held a Prayer Service for Survivors of Sexual Violence. to respond to the surge of pain in our community, nation and world, help survivors and those who care about them heal, and take a courageous stand against sexual violence. At the end of the service, we held a candlelight recessional. 

People posted small cards with their stories of “Why I didn’t Report” or other messages.

The cathedral façade was lit in teal, the color of the movement to prevent sexual violence.



Read an article about Episcopal trans women’s spirituality written by the Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King, our Executive Pastor and Canon for Social Justice.







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