Stitching Ministry

We meet to lovingly hand-knit or crochet items that are given to those in need of warmth and care. From Bayview Mission to Afghanistan, our works clothe and comfort the most vulnerable.

Been a while since you picked up that knitting? Never touched a crochet hook in your life? Never fear! In addition to supplies and tools, our members will offer you instruction, advice, and encouragement.

Where is it?

We typically meet in the Chapter House Library, but check the door signs as you enter just in case we have moved due to a schedule conflict.


When is it?

Our meetings occur on the first, third, and last Sundays of each month from 1 -3 p.m.

How do I get involved?

For more information, contact the Rev. Heather Erickson.

What time commitment is expected?

Feel free to drop in for any or all of our meetings.

Contact Information

Telephone: 415-749-6364


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