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Exploring “Difference” with Bill Van Loo and Seniors with Grace

By Tracee Zyla

Wednesday, July 17

“Peg was the storyteller, not me,” Bill claims. True, his late wife Peg was quite the storyteller. However, I believe our seniors would agree with me that, actually, Bill himself is a riveting storyteller and...

Above the Fog: Episode Four

By Brendan Byrne

Tuesday, July 16

The fourth episode of our new podcast, Above the Fog, is out and available here or wherever you get your podcasts. In this episode, Walking Together, our podcaster-in-residence Catherine Girardeau explores walking and community with Montana-based...

Grace in the News: Responding to Border Detentions

By Brendan Byrne

Thursday, June 27

The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King, our Executive Pastor and Canon for Social Justice, wrote a letter addressed to public officials demanding an end to the detention of children and separation of families at our southern...

Protecting Children at the Border

By The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King

Wednesday, June 26

Many of us have been watching the detention of children and adults at our southern border with growing disgust and despair. Here is one way for those of us who are clergy to respond and...

Live – Love – Laugh with Nina and Jumon on May Senior Community Day

By Tracee Zyla

Wednesday, June 5

How do you say farewell to our Ven. Canon Nina Pickerrell on her final Senior Community Day before she embarks on the next chapter of her pastoral journey? First, you make sure she is a...

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