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Grace Cathedral

Article | September 19, 2023

Grace Groups Resuming in October

Blog|The Rev. Canon Mary Carter Greene

Jesus did some of his best work in a small group! We can too.

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Grace Cathedral is a big place with lots of members, and our desire to be a loving community unites us. Joining a Grace Group offers a way to build that community through shared interests with new people, deepening encounters with God, and gentle attention to the Spirit’s call through one of these low-pressure, high-return opportunities.

Grace Groups, facilitated small affinity groups, will gather in-person or online for three months at a time. At the end of each quarter, groups who wish to continue meeting together will do so, and those with openings will invite new members to join them. New groups will also form as needed.

Five Grace Groups are forming now. We hope you’ll join one of them. Grace Group facilitators will reach out to negotiate times and locations after registrations are full.

The five groups this quarter will gather around shared interest in the following areas: Poetry, Parents of Teens and Tweens, Contemplative Practices, LGBTQ+, and Seniors. Grace Groups will vary in their interest area but follow shared practices that encourage deepening knowledge of the topic, honest and safe sharing, appreciative listening, group development, and prayerful presence.

I felt myself a steady, fixed point on the earth round which a whirling gathered and spun a center. Then it was that I seemed to be no one, to belong to no one, and suddenly beholding the russet light of the turning sumach tree in the pasture, I thought,

I am leaf and I am wind and I am light. Something in the world likes faces and leaves and rivers and woods and wind together and makes of them a string of medallions with all our faces on them, worn forever round our necks, kin.

~ from THE HOUSE OF BREATH by William Goyen

We are the kin God has brought together at Grace Cathedral. I hope a Grace Group will offer you a place to make, “a string of medallions with all our faces on them, worn forever round our necks, kin.”

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, reflections, or ideas.

With swirling and gathered blessings,

The Rev. Canon Mary Carter Greene
Canon Pastor

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