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Article | August 26, 2022

Yoga For Change: Gather With Good Intentions!

Blog|Loren Smith

Hi, I’m Loren Smith, Director of The Community Preschool at Grace Cathedral. As a lifelong learner and someone who values acts of service, I followed my calling to support children and families and became an early childhood educator.  

I am grateful for every opportunity and experience that has shaped my way of thinking. My determination to support quality early education programs for all children stems from the lessons of love and service learned from my grandmother and mother. Living in a marginalized community with limited opportunities for children to thrive, my mother moved neighborhoods so that I had a chance to expand my worldview and gain equal access. As a second grade and church schoolteacher, my grandmother was devoted to enhancing her students’ lives – purchasing school supplies and materials for her students with her own limited income to ensure they had all they needed to succeed.  

My values drive my leadership of an anti-bias and enriching curriculum that provides access and challenge for every student and supports deep thinking, self-expression, and offers opportunities to learn new perspectives. Through collaboration and partnership with families, I strive to build an inclusive school community that explores and appreciates the differences that define us as individuals as we grow and learn together.  

At the preschool, we are building a growth culture, a safe learning environment, and focusing on continuous learning through inquiry, curiosity, and transparency. We believe in continuous feedback across the organization, grounded in a shared commitment to help each other grow and learn.  

When I reflect on the impact I may make on a child’s life, I think about each moment as a child when I felt valued, heard, loved, respected, seen, and pushed to be a changemaker by my teachers. It’s my goal and the goal of The Community Preschool to be that guide to the children in the community we serve. 

The funds raised from Yoga for Change support our mission to provide accessible, equitable, and high-quality education for all. I am in awe and grateful to be a part of this impactful event supporting the preschool and changing lives, I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 24 at 10 am!

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