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Grace Cathedral

Article | July 9, 2018

Judith in June for Seniors with Grace Community Day

Blog|Tracee Zyla

Seniors with Grace welcomed special guest Judith Dold, Professional Organizer Owner of Twilight Organizing, for Senior Community Day on Thursday, June 28. With bright aqua blue hair, warm energy and a winning smile, Judith helped our seniors (and Grace staff who dropped in) demystify the decluttering process. I know I leaned forward in my seat.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics makes a case (in my own layman’s terms) that the universe, well, prefers entropy. I interpret clutter as an everyday reminder of said entropy. Therefore, it seems fair to say that most of us could benefit from accepting that clutter happens and we all struggle with it to varying degrees. Judith explained, “Decluttering can sometimes feel like an emotionally charged word. It not only describes an action that many of us feel impelled to take for important reasons, but also one that sparks confusion and procrastination.” Her goals for our seniors included “demystifying the organizing process” and making “decluttering less overwhelming.” Judith talked with us about “how to clear energy-zapping clutter [in order to] gain a fresh perspective on possessions so that individuals can create a more relaxing, safe and comfortable home life.”

The Rev. Canon Nina Pickerrell also enlisted massage therapist Sundhi M. from our Senior Health Fair for the morning. Sundhi offered ten-minute chair massage to our seniors, Seniors with Grace staff and volunteers.

After a question-and-answer session, followed by a round of applause for Judith’s compassionate and human presentation, our seniors headed to the cathedral for the 12:10 pm Holy Eucharist. Some stayed behind to rest and lightly socialize or read. After mass came the seriously tasty, freshly prepared taco salad served up by our beloved chef duo, Arleen and Gail. Rob stood at the ready, butter knife in hand for the cranberry walnut bread.

As is our custom, our seniors departed, each with a full belly, a senior care bag stocked with goodies and groceries and an open invitation to return next month, and every 4th Thursday of the month, to share in community.

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