Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | April 10, 2017

What’s Cooking at Dinner With Grace

Blog|David Rosales

Hi all!

Much like our rainy weather, the good people of the SF Bay Area have poured care and joy onto the Crosby Hotel by preparing and serving a warm meal for its residents. I was very impressed by how everybody just kept working and got things done without complaint. It is such a joy to work with such good-natured volunteers.  Thank you!

Kitchen report from Nicole: What a terrific cooking crew! It was a wonderful exercise in collaboration. Zeph, Michael and Grainne took charge of the entrée, turning out a delectable classic–spaghetti and meatballs–with a perfectly seasoned tomato sauce. Vince, Leo and Ryan peeled pounds of fresh oranges, slices strawberries and added almonds and dried cranberries to the fresh greens for the salad. Bhushan and Indigo, a great father-daughter duo, whipped up the garlic bread, after Neda tirelessly peeled and diced dozens of garlic cloves.

With Phoebe as her trusted assistant, expert baker Linda helmed the cupcakes, bringing her own recipe and baking pans. Jim and I filled in where necessary, and he adeptly directed the Circle K students in the clean-up protocol. This cheerful group of three stayed until every bowl, pot, pan, plate and utensil was cleaned, dried and put away. I hope the crew enjoyed the evening as much as I did! Bill Van Loo warmed up the food before Melissa Kenady arrived to deliver it to the Crosby. Our onsite volunteer coordinator, Donna Alconcel, made our introductions and led food service on Wednesday evening.  The food moved fast and there were no leftovers! Everyone kept moving and serving until the end. From food plating and serving to cleaning up and re-placing the furniture, it was a good volunteering effort highlighted by hard work from start to finish. It’s always hectic, but we always have fun rising up to the challenge. We all left feeling spent, but a bit more spiritually fulfilled than when we started.

Please help us spread the word and invite your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to join us in our fun and meaningful ministry.

Thank you for helping us start the year off right by generously providing a helping hand!

David Rosales

Next Month’s Dates:

Tues. & Wed., April 11 & 12, Mentone
Tues. & Wed., April 25 & 26, Crosby 
Tues. & Wed., May 16 & 17, Mentone

Carlos Torres  is leading the chef’s crew for the Mentone & Driver will be Billy Crawford.

Essential Information
The Menu:

  • Spaghetti with Meatballs
  • Spring Salad
  • Garlic Bread
  • Black-bottom Cupcakes

Meals Served:  90 plates, and 44 people served (by my estimate)
Leftovers: none

“Yum. The spaghetti is really good”
“Simple but delicious. I’m going to get seconds”

The Serving Staff:
Lead Chef:  Nicole Stahl & Linda Coughenour
Assistant Chefs: Phoebe Douglass, Linda Coughenour, Zeph Cheung, Vince Flores, Jim Murray, Bhushan Mudbhary, Indigo Mudbhary, Circle K, Grainne Barron, Michael Wood, Neda Moosavi, Circle K students: Leonardo Gallegos, Ryan Shu, and Evelyn Quintarra

Site Coordinator:  Donna Alconcel
On-site Servers: Ana Bravo, Mario Bravo, Phoebe Douglass, Jane Stewart, Nicole Stahl, Leah Martin, Jim Murray, David Rosales. Circle K students: Chris Estolas, Ryan Shu & Bronte Sorotsky

Food Reheat:  Bill Van Loo
Driver: Melissa Kenady

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