Yoga at Grace Cathedral

Yoga on the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral is a unique experience. Several hundred people of all ages, from all over the city, of many different faith affiliations, including none, gather as one to practice yoga in the darkened cathedral. Colorful mats cover the labyrinth, the aisles and even the altar. Tuesday yoga exemplifies our commitment to meeting people where they are and recognizes there are many ways to be spiritual. Everyone is welcome; we have mats to loan if you don’t have one. Namaste!

The health of our community is our highest priority. To keep everyone safe, we have decided to close the cathedral for most in-person regular worship and cultural events from now through at least March 31, including Yoga class. The full list of moved, modified and cancelled programs and services is available here.

Join a unique opportunity to experience movement, meditation and one another in new ways. Check out the Yoga on the Labyrinth Online Edition below.

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Read one new yogi’s transformation from a yoga doubter to a yoga doer at Grace



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