Yoga at Grace Cathedral

With the cathedral closed to in-person gatheringsGrace has been unable to offer new classes to our beautiful community. Until now. 

Grace is excited to announce a special new class created inside the cathedral in collaboration with Yoga Journal and the Live Be Yoga national tour. The video of this special class and sensory experience will debut online on Tuesday, September 29 at 4 pm PDT. 

Darren Main 
will guide us through a gentle and restorative meditation and 30-minute asana practice from the labyrinth inside Grace Cathedral, and Egeman Sanli fills the experience with a magical soundscape of sitar and other mystical instruments.  

We believes that a child’s early education experience sets the course for his or her future — building a positive self-image, critical social skills and a life-long curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. The program’s deliberate socio-economic diversity brings together children and families representing a wide range of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds for a unique learning experience that allows students to experience and learn respect for diverse cultures, perspectives and traditions. 

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