Grace in the News: Faith grows greener in the era of Donald Trump

By Ellie Bozmarova

Wednesday, August 9

Governor Jerry Brown has pledged to hold an international climate summit in San Francisco in September 2018. The Rev. Sally G. Bingham, Canon for the Environment in the Diocese of California, gave Grace Cathedral a special mention on the subject in a recent interview for The Economist.

“…Ms. Bingham says the churches have been in close tandem with, and often ahead of, secular authorities in asserting that curbing carbon can and must go ahead regardless. She expects Grace Cathedral, the stronghold of the Episcopal Church in San Francisco, to be an important venue for next year’s summit.”

We are proud of our cathedral community. From hosting DioCal’s EcoJustice Conference to participating in the March for Science, we take action to care for God’s creation — no matter what the temperature is in D.C.

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