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Grace Cathedral

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Artist in Residence

Art is an integral part of our vision and mission.

Art is transcendent. It represents the best of what makes us human. It connects us to others and also to ourselves. Every year since 2012 we have offered a residency to artists to create work illuminating the cathedral’s annual theme, and reimagining church as they do so.

2022 Artist in Residence

Lee Mingwei

Born in Taiwan in 1964 and currently living in Paris and New York City, Lee creates participatory installations where strangers can explore issues of trust, intimacy, and self-awareness. His projects are often open-ended scenarios for everyday interaction and take on different forms with the involvement of participants and change during the course of an exhibition. The projects also often express a sense of sacredness, ritual, and beauty.

As our 2022 Artist in Residence, Lee contemplated the Year of Connection and shared his story and inspiration at cornerstone events such as The Forum, Yoga on the Labyrinth, and Choral Eucharist. He offered an epic performance of his work, Our Labyrinth For Grace, in which dancers use a stylized broom to sweep a mound of rice along a labyrinthian path of their choosing. Lee conceives of this project as a gift from the performers to the viewers, providing a “pure” physical and spiritual space.

Alonzo King

2019 Year of the Body

During his residency, King spoke at the cathedral’s conversation series, The Forum, and preached at Choral Eucharist on Martin Luther King Jr. Sunday. His company, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, was a major presence, holding workshops and showcases and both King and LINES Ballet were celebrated at a special Evensong. The residency culminated in sold-out performances of GRACE,  a new work responding to the cathedral’s theme.

Sukey Bryan

2018 Year of Truth

Our 2018 Artist in Residence Sukey Bryan addressed the truth about climate change and brightened the cathedral with many colorful installations, among them ones for Earth Day, Pentecost, and the opening Multi-Faith Service for the Global Climate Action Summit.

Sarah Kay

2017 Year of the Gift

In 2017, “The Gift” inspired the cathedral’s first spoken word Artist in Residence, Sarah Kay, to write a poem in honor of the theme in addition to presenting and enlightening audiences at a range of exciting cathedral events.

Benjamin Bergery and Jim Campbell

2016 Year of Home

Artists Benjamin Bergery and Jim Campbell created two light installations during their residency. Jacob’s Dream: A Luminous Path, an installation of light and moving images currently hanging in the cathedral was designed to evoke a pathway between earth and heaven, between the visible and invisible. They also premiered Miracle Fragments, a two-night-only light and sound event evoking different Biblical miracles.

Elaine Buckholtz and Floor van de Velde

2015 Year of Technology

As the Artists in Residence, they premiered their work, Fields of Prayer, an integrative, immersive light and sound installation. They presented several live performances and several exterior presentations of the installation.


2014 Year of Sustainability

Oakland-based eco-chef, food justice activist, and author Bryant Terry educated the community about how a more just, healthier food system supports healthy communities. He also delighted us with vegetarian menus and presentations as part of our 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Anne Patterson

2013 Year of Music

New York visual artist Anne Patterson produced multi-sensory evenings of visual art and music, collaborating with renowned cellist Joshua Roman and composer and conductor Paul Haas, and created a stunning, music-inspired aerial installation with 20 miles of ribbon, titled Graced with LightView a film about Graced with Light by Three Bridges West, and learn more about Anne Patterson.

Anna Deavere Smith

2012 Year of Grace

Actor and playwright Anna Deavere Smith became the cathedral’s first Artist in Residence. The premiere of her work in progress, “On Grace,” with accompaniment by cellist Joshua Roman, was presented over two nights in sold-out performances.