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Article | February 16, 2024

Congregation Update: Taking Lent on in Community

Blog|The Rev. Canon Mary Carter Greene

Dear Grace Family,

“Oh! I was planning to be vegetarian for Lent, but there was chicken stock in that meal!” A few days into the start of Lent, several people, myself included, have already had a lapse of at least one Lenten discipline.

The new habits, the fasting or restrictions we often exercise during Lent can teach self-control, enable empathy for others, and help us confront our excesses in ways that are productive and faithful, even in our imperfections. But of course, Lent isn’t only about giving things up.

Many people also choose to take things on during Lent. This season of Lent, how about trying something new at Grace Cathedral? 

Learn something new: Join the 4 pm Sunday Book Study on Zoom reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s The Luminous Web: Faith, Science and the Experience of Wonder

Study the Bible in a small group: Join the Monday Night Bible Study from 7 pm to 8 pm with Dean Young, and Thursday Bible Study from 11 am to noon, with members of the clergy and lay leaders guiding the group on Zoom. Learn more on Class for Adults page.

Join a ministry: Grace Cathedral has 22 active ministries, from the Altar Guild to Jail Ministry; there’s a group for you to join. Learn more about our ministries page.

Meet new people and build community: Join Richard and Joanne Compean for a light lunch and discussion of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s pioneering book Healing Loneliness through Human Connection on Sunday at 12:30 pm. Then, make a point of introducing yourself and talking to someone new each week and introducing them to someone else you know.

Often, the things we give up for Lent are habits or substances that, even on a secular level, are arguably better left behind. And while God surely applauds our discipline and self-improvement, taking practices on in the community can also connect us with others in a way that brings us closer to God’s desire for the Beloved Community.

Many blessings this Lent, 
Mary Carter

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