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Article | December 1, 2023

Congregation Update: Sign of the Times

Blog|The Rev. Canon Mary Carter Greene

Dear Friends,

There’s a place in Joshua Tree National Park where two deserts merge – and there is a signpost designating You are here – at the Mojave and the Colorado deserts’ meeting place. 

The sign illustrates some of the distinct elements of the two ecosystems – a slow blending of terrain and plant and animal biodiversity that I’d never have been able to see were it not for the helpful signage. 

Much like a transition from one terrain into another might be imperceptible by gradation, the new church year we enter this Sunday could sneak up on us were it not for the church’s own sort of signage that helps us slow down and perceive our gradual approach toward Christmas.  

On Sunday, we begin the church year again, turning from green to blue and hearing the words of prophets and the wonder that help designate and delineate this time – a sort of holy You Are Here point on the cartography of the church calendar. 

Beginning with this week’s first week in Advent, the church allows four weeks to instruct and to invite us to see the signs of transition – a becoming that is happening right here and all around us, if only we will take a good look.  

There are many ways to engage this turn of liturgical season at Grace Cathedral. 

Join us this Sunday, December 3, for Advent I services at 8:30 am, 11 am, and 6 pm, and check our website for the many Christmas Season concerts at the cathedral.   

On Sunday at 3 pm, you’ll want to be sure to greet the new liturgical year and anticipate the promise of Christmas with The Advent Procession of Lessons and Carols sung by the Cathedral Choir of Men & Boys. 

With movements from darkness to light, scripture, and song, the Advent Procession engages the heart, mind, and senses in a hope-filled journey toward God’s coming among us.  

After The Advent Procession, join the festive Advent Tea after the service in the Chapter House Dining Room, across the plaza from the cathedral.

The season of Advent helps us prepare for Christmas. I hope as you prepare for this time, you find God’s metaphorical pin drop – God’s eternal and omnipresent signpost saying, “See where you are and know that I am coming in a new way to be with you.”  

In addition to a liturgical season’s change, another transition is also underway. On Saturday, The Diocese of California will elect the Bishop Coadjutor from three finalists. Deanery representatives and members of the clergy will vote at Grace Cathedral, and we hope to have news of that election soon afterward to share. Please add your prayers for the candidates and for those voting.  

With gratitude and joy at entering a new season with you, 

Mary Carter 

The Rev. Cn. Mary Carter Greene 
Canon Pastor 

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