Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | January 20, 2023

New Grace Cathedral Website  

Blog|Eva Woo Slavitt

Happy New Year from the Marketing and Communications Team!  

We are delighted to share with you all the new Grace Cathedral Website.  

This has been a labor of love 😊 for many of us here. While our former website was fine and served its purpose, it was time. Our last website launch was in 2015. During seven years, we amassed over 400 separate pages on our site with over 75 different ways to access pages.   

What’s new?  

A big goal of our new site was to make it things cleaner, simpler, and easier to access what you’re looking for while discovering things you may have never known we offer. Now when you choose a category you get to see a landing page that shows everything that applies to it! Looking for something more specific from the homepage? From our Hamburger menu (the three lines at the top of the site) the categories unravel to reveal the individual topics of interest. 

As with anything new, reacquainting yourselves with some of the navigation will take a little time. We also don’t believe it’s perfect or bug free at launch. So, we ask for your patience as we iterate post launch.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at:    

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