Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | July 8, 2022

Important Information About the Sightseeing Experience and Cultural Membership at Grace Cathedral 


We recently established an elevated visitor program when we were able to reopen the cathedral during non-service times. We are joyfully welcoming thousands of new and old friends and offering them the opportunity to learn about Grace Cathedral, its history, our community, and our treasures.

We recently launched our Cultural Membership program which will offer a new way for both congregants and more casual visitors to Grace to expand their engagement with our cathedral through discounts and special access to a robust schedule of art and cultural offerings.  

Join soon to become a Charter member! And take advantage of special savings – all congregants of Grace Cathedral and churches within the Diocese of California will receive a 20% discount for any Cultural Membership (check your email for a promo code). As always, we thank you for your support. 

Sightseeing Experience: 

What is it? 

Experience the wonder of Grace Cathedral. Enjoy our newly engaging visitor journey that features the cathedral’s history, its place as a San Francisco icon, building elements, and art from our collection, including works by Gabriel Loire, Charles Jay Connick, Ansel Adams, Narcissus Qualgiata, Keith Haring and Lorenzo Ghiberti.  

A sightseeing admission fee allows you to explore the cathedral at your own pace. The curated self-guided (through interactive touch screens and wall labels) is included with admission. For a slightly higher fee, an hour-long docent tour is available. Currently, we offer a “Highlights” tour with both options and other themes will come soon. Additionally, we have added translations to the self-guided tour (currently in Chinese, Korean, and Spanish with more to come) to be even more inclusive and welcoming.  

I am a congregant of Grace Cathedral or a church in the Diocese of California, do I have to pay admission? 

No, current congregants of Grace Cathedral or a church in the Diocese of California just need to identify as such at our Welcome desk and they will have complimentary sightseeing access for entry and our self-guided tour. We look forward to receiving your feedback on our new visitor experience.  

Why are you charging others to enter the cathedral? 

We do not charge for those attending a service or for private prayer or meditation. If you visit to look around, you will need to pay a sightseeing fee.  

To run the cathedral on a day-to-day basis and preserve it costs over $16,500 each day. This includes the costs for pastoral services and care, visitor security, wear and tear on our building, and upkeep of facilities for our visitors. In addition, there are repairs and restoration work that need to be done on the building, funding for arts, culture, social justice, and education programs. 

Cultural Membership FAQs: 

What is it? 

Grace Cathedral Cultural Membership is an annual program for the Bay Area community and beyond. Members will enjoy special access to a robust schedule of arts and music events, exhibitions, and cultural offerings while supporting the institution in its visionary and diverse activities and initiatives. 

The Cultural Membership program allows our visitors to become part of Grace, even if they don’t attend church here. We offer varying membership levels to fit each individual or household.  

Those joining now will become Charter Members of this new annual program.  

What are the benefits? 

All cultural members receive free sightseeing admission to the cathedral, discounts on select arts and culture programs, digital membership cards, and more. Visit here to see additional benefits at higher levels.  

Where do I find my membership number? 

Your membership number is key to receiving discount benefits online. Please find it: 

  1. In your membership purchase confirmation email 
  2. On your saved digital membership card 
  3. Email or come to the Welcome Desk Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm for assistance.  

Where can I find my digital cultural membership card? 

  1. Download the eMembership Card App. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store. Search for the “eMembership Card” App and download.  
  2. Select the Grace Cathedral tile and touch “Find My Membership Cards.”   
  3. Enter your membership ID number (from your confirmation email) and your last name, then download your card.   
  4. We suggest keeping your card handy by saving it in your wallet or taking a screenshot; you should also save the app. The card gives you easy access to your membership number (needed to purchase discounted tickets online).  For Rose-level members and above, your guest or yoga passes are accessible in the app. 

For questions regarding these instructions, please email  

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