Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | July 1, 2022

Fill-A-Need: 2020 Mask-Making Initiative

Blog|Tracee Zyla

Thank you!

The Fill-A-Need team wishes to thank all our volunteers, including St Veronica’s Guild out of Bayview Mission, who joined us in our mask-making initiative when the pandemic hit. Several in our community dusted off their sewing machines and started making cotton face masks to donate when the stay-at-home order was in place. As the pandemic continued, along with the need for fabric face masks, our volunteers could provide masks at no cost to those requesting one, whether individuals or larger groups.

Recipients included individuals in our community, including but not limited to: congregants and neighbors; those we serve in our ministries, including Seniors with Grace and SRO (single residence occupancy) residents served by Dinner with Grace; and other philanthropic/civic groups in need and not in a financial position to purchase masks.

We also wish to thank the several ministries and organizations our stitchers supported by coordinating with us to supply fabric masks and all those who donated elastic fabric and their time and service to this cause.

Fill-A-Need at Grace Cathedral

Our connections to our community and our world are strong and vibrant. When we can support a greater cause, we assist by filling any needs.

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