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Grace Cathedral

Article | January 28, 2022

Congregation Update: Let it out!

Blog|The Rev. Canon Anna E. Rossi

Dear Friends,

Are you ready to scream? I don’t mean for ice cream, though sometimes that helps, too! Two very different articles picked up the theme of screaming this week. The Atlantic’s The Utility of White Hot Rage addresses the cycle of rage and sadness, action and self-care in response to the demands of climate activism. The New York Times reported on a group of mothers in New England who took a very loud solace together in These Mothers Were Exhausted, So They Met on a Field to Scream.

I thought it was worth a try, and it made me laugh at myself! Are you ready to scream? Now, I’m not advocating that we disturb the neighbors at midnight or scream AT someone. This is not a blank check for a temper tantrum or bad behavior. But we’re all bearing these compound events, personal and public, and their weight needs to reside somewhere other than our bodies. The Atlantic article called this “ambient anxiety.” We all need to have moments of cartharsis, some of them corporate, where we can let go. The winner of the longest scream competition — a thirty-something therapist and mother of two — belted 30 seconds. Can you scream with a friend? Or even utter a muted scream under your mask? Or a yogi’s lion’s breath?


Now that we got that off our collective chests, a more ordered service: I’m honored that the Dean has invited me to serve as the Canon Precentor and Director of Interfaith Engagement. I’m also humbled at the work that is set before us, and grateful for amazing companions, for your partnership in the work. Next Thursday, February 3, we’ll install me in a festal Evensong commemorating the Presentation of the Lord, often called Candlemas. Please join us, either in person or via livestream, in prayer and in love of the goodness that we share and the promise that our common life holds.

This Sunday is the Annual Meeting of the Congregation. A few notes about participating in the meeting and morning liturgies:

  • At 8:30 am, we’ll offer a Service of the Word, which will be on Zoom only.
  • The Annual Meeting begins at 9:30 am. Please arrive at 9:20 am in person for coffee on the plaza, or online to greet one another. 
  • Advance registration is recommended and helps facilitate check-in. Please register for the 11 am service. We will use that list for check-in for the Annual Meeting. For those staying for the service, you will not need to check in again.
  • Annual Meeting is the “official business” of the congregation. We elect representatives to the Congregation Council, Deanery and Board of Trustees. You’ll see all the details, including the Annual Report, on our Annual Meeting page. All pledging members are entitled to vote. Voting will be open at 5 pm Friday, January 28 and close at 1 pm on Sunday, January 30. Not yet pledging? It’s not too late — visit our pledge page

Every good gift,

The Rev. Anna E. Rossi
Interim Precentor
Director of Interfaith Engagement

P.S. What kind of sport is faith like? In what ways does the world look different to a figure skater and a surfer? Watch Dean Malcolm Clemens Young’s #MoreGoodNews on YouTube today!

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