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Grace Cathedral

Article | November 10, 2021

A conversation with Ben Bachmann: Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem

Blog|Eva Woo Slavitt

Grace Cathedral will be delivering the Requiem service on November 14 during the Sunday 11 am Choral Eucharist.  This is a time where we gather to remember beloved friends and family member who have died. In addition, Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem, sung by the Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys and full orchestra, in the context of the Eucharist will be performed and The Very Rev. Malcolm Clemens Young, ThD, will preach.

Gabriel Fauré composed his Requiem in D minor, Op.48 between 1887 and 1890.  I had a chance to catch up with Benjamin Bachmann, The Diana Dollar Knowles Canon Director of Music, to tell me more about what the Requiem service and particularly what to expect from the performance by Cathedral Choir of Men and Boys.   

Tell us, what will people expect from this year’s requiem service musically?

I hope that people will be open to the experience of real communal grief. The pandemic experience was the cause of so much aloneness and silence, what better way than to be together and share our sadness which is exquisite joy.”

I understand there are different choices of music that can be performed during a Requiem service. Why was Fauré’s chosen this year?

Faure’s Requiem is the most serene and lyrical of the three major liturgical Requiem. It takes us to a place of peace and calm which we do not have enough of today. “

Do you have any advice for anyone who may have never attended a Requiem musical performance, particularly anything to look out for?

The Requiem is a time to keep still, absorb the music, and contemplate and communicate with our loved ones departed. Do not look out, look within, they will be with you.”

The Boys Choir has been working hard rehearsing for this day. Here is a sneak peek as they rehearse the Pie Jesu. 

We look forward to seeing you here on Sunday, Nov 14 at 11 am. 

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