Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | October 25, 2021

First–Ever Halloween Art Projection Show at Grace Cathedral

Blog|Sophia Wang

It’s a question all of our children are asking right now: are we still going to have Halloween this year? 

The answer is yes! We are celebrating Halloween by projecting children’s artwork onto the facade of the cathedral. A number of our gifted young members have created art inspired by Halloween and other traditions with the desire to bring joy to the community. These pieces of art will be made into a slideshow and projected onto the facade of Grace Cathedral from 7 pm. The slideshow will adorn the path of trick-and-treaters making their way through Nob Hill, and we will provide treats to those who come by. Bring your friends and family and join us on Sunday at 7 pm! 

Meet our young artists:


I was inspired by a childhood memory of mine of a movie called “Caroline.” I really enjoy drawing cats, they are wise animals and fun to draw. I always try and create new characters. 


I drew a moon because it was the first thing that came to mind and the easiest to not mess up. Since I was doing a pencil drawing and not digital one, messing up was more of a problem and easier to do. 


I drew a road going through a forest because that scares me a bit. I did mine to match Lexi’s pencil theme, but I sometimes feel I work better with pencil. 


I made this because I wanted to bring a spark of light into our community. 


My drawing is inspired by my two cats, Benny and Bella. 


I like Halloween because you get a pumpkin full of candy while also getting some exercise. For my artwork I wanted to include some of the most popular things that you see at Halloween, which I think are Jack-o’-lanterns and witches that carry around black cats. 


I created this because I wanted to use Photoshop to create a Halloween theme illustration. 

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