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Grace Cathedral

Article | September 19, 2021

Stewardship Stories: Barbra Ruffin–Boston

Blog|Barbra Ruffin-Boston

Spoken at 9/19/21 Holy and Choral Eucharist

It’s my honor to write about Stewardship. Our theme for 2022 is 100% Grace – Renewed in Faith.  

What an exciting time to begin a discussion about renewal, and about faith.  

Together, we powered through 2020, and we never stopped reaching out and serving others. During the pandemic, Grace was open online, and we continued to worship and to celebrate and to learn together. Grace has always guided us through social issues, and this year members of our community far and near gathered via zoom for discussions on history and racial justice through an important Grace program called Sacred Ground.  

It’s been my joy to be a member of Grace for more than 30 years. I have experienced renewal here time and time again. Grace has been an anchor – a rock – a place where I shared joy in the best of times, and was offered comfort in the worst of times. Our clergy and staff meet us wherever we are in our journey – and accept us with open arms – whoever we are.  

Grace has been the one thing that has been 100% in my life, no matter what has happened.  

When I first visited Grace, I was moved by the music and this beautiful structure, but what kept me coming back was the warm hospitality of the programs and the services – and that I felt welcome to volunteer and to serve, and to give as I was able.  

The first time I signed a pledge card I realized that pledging strengthened my commitment. And now, after so many years at Grace, I understand that our collective pledges are needed to keep Grace strong, to ensure that the clergy and programs thrive – and that we can fulfill our promise of being A House of Prayer for All.  

And now we are now planning for 2022.  

Imagine what we can accomplish together if each person who considers Grace Cathedral a spiritual home pledged this year.It is “Grace Every Day” for those who benefit from our services – and to the communities we serve – the unhoused and the hungry, the helpless, and those most in need. And it’s “Grace Every Day” in our lives too – when the free and unmerited favor of God is manifested to each of us in our many blessings.  

Grace is there every day for us.  

We have the opportunity to show our appreciation when we pledge. It’s a way of demonstrating our faith, and a way of expressing our profound gratitude for God’s grace in our lives. When I support Grace with my time, talent and tithing, it’s an act of personal faith, and a strong passion to do my part. I invite you to join me in becoming 100% GRACE.  

– Barbra Ruffin-Boston, Co-chair of the 2022 stewardship committee, trustee, and member of the Grace congregation since 1983.  

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