Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | July 30, 2021

Remembering Janice Mirikitani

Blog|The Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young

A Poet Laureate, the co-founder of Glide Memorial Church, and “First Lady of the Tenderloin” – we honor the memory of Janice Mirikitani. Her impact to the city of San Francisco in undeniable and we carry her memory in our hearts.

With sorrow, affection, respect and gratitude
we mourn the death of Janice Mirikitani
and pray that God send solace and comfort
to the Rev. Cecil Williams and the Glide Memorial Church community.

Loving and merciful God,
We commend to your eternal embrace
the life, soul and witness of Janice Mirikitani:
A champion of children,
An inspiration for the imprisoned,
Advocate and warrior for women,
Poet of both street and statehouse,
Courageous saint to our city and all who live and work here,
Prophetic co-founder and powerful presence among the people of Glide;
Receive her into the heavenly city where there is no want or need
In the company of prophets, saints, matriarchs and patriarchs
of ages past and yet to come.
Bestow on all who mourn
Your gifts of bright hope and steadfast determination
that all your children may be free to rise to the fullest flowering of their dignity
here and everywhere.
We pray in loving memory of Janice
And to the glory of your most holy Name.

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