Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | June 25, 2021

Recognizing Pride Month through Projecting Grace

Blog|Eva Woo Slavitt

What an amazing month of Pride at Grace Cathedral with the installation of the Pride steps leading to the Ghiberti doors, The Vine SF Sing-a-long Pride Mass with Bishop FlunderLenny Duncan and Kim Jackson on the Forum and Kim Jackson preaching this Sunday, Jun 27!   

As we approach the end of Pride, I think of it as a sunset on a month of celebrations, raising awareness and solidarity with our LGBTQ friends and families.  What better way to celebrate this sunset than with Projecting Grace, honoring art and artists from our LGBTQ community. Projecting Grace is a monthly projection of digital artwork on the façade of Grace Cathedral around a theme. Some of the work and all of the inspiration is courtesy of Amplifier, an organization which gathers artists to create art that amplifies social justice issues.   

The sun sets at 8:35 pm this Sunday. We will start projecting images from Huntington Park onto the façade of Grace Cathedral at 9:00 pm and end by 10:00 pm.  Wear a sweater… You’ll thank me later!   

Here is a list of digital images you will see:  

We Go High – by Rachel Allen 

Vote to Protect Trans Kids – by Erin McAdams 

We Are One – by Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh

Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh is an Oakland, CA based visual artist whose current work is focused primarily on the shifting urban landscape. An avid observer and prolific photographer, she employs a vast catalog of visual notes and memories to create her work. A lover of materials and process, Dawline-Jane uses a range of media including relief print making, pen and ink, photo transfer and encaustic.  

Gay Space Flag – by Laurie Raye

Laurie Raye is a non-binary anthropologist, storyteller and ice skating witch from Wales. Their pronouns are they/them or e/em. You probably know them from their gay space flags, which were featured on Vice and Bustle

Progress Pride Flag – by Valentino Vecchietti

Valentino is a writer, academic, intersex human rights campaigner and a lesbian. They founded Intersex Equality Rights UK. 
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