Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | April 20, 2021

George Floyd Verdict

Blog|The Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young

Dear God, 

Help us to breathe, to breathe again, because we have been holding our breath for so long looking for signs of hope, wondering if we would see justice in our time. 

Let all people know that George Floyd’s life matters. 

We pray for his family. We pray for all those who have lost loved ones in encounters with the law. We pray for all those who are humiliated, demeaned, ignored and not valued because of their race. 

We give thanks for police officers who give courageous testimony because they respect justice. We praise you for activists and prophets who inspire us with courage and their dreams of equality. 

Teach us all to name what is evil and to resist it, even when it seems like the way things have always been done, even when we feel alone. 

Let this be the end of the nation’s dark night of racism. Let there finally be true equality before the law. Let there be the love of Jesus, the love that comes without conditions. 

And may the living One who breathes the spirit of truth into all people draw us into the heart of God’s mercy where we will see each other face to face. Amen. 

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