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Article | September 1, 2020

Voter Registration Inititiative

Blog|The Rev. Canon Anna E. Rossi

Yes, your vote (really) matters

Electoral cycles are contentious. The last six months has been a master class in the limits of human control over public and private life. Districts are gerrymandered, in-person voting is curtailed by COVID and the post office is on life support. Does my vote even matter? Yes! And let me say again: Yes, yes, YES!

Voting is a matter of ultimate importance, not only for the well-being of our fragile democracy, but also our participation in what is of ultimate importance to God: our fragile world. We pray every time we gather “on earth as in heaven.” We are not spectators in a cosmic drama, but participants in the healing and repair of the world. The sum of our political, economic and social decisions can help — or hinder — that repair. When we vote, we are affirming our power, however circumscribed, to participate, and we do it especially on behalf of those who cannot. When we vote, we seek to express, however imperfectly, God’s values of justice and mercy. Here are some ways to act on those values today and throughout the electoral season.

Plan to vote

If you haven’t registered, take a moment and do it now! If you’ve moved and you’re not sure which address is registered, register again. Decide now when and how you will vote. Decide when and how you will prepare. Mark your calendar, and have a back up plan!

And while you prepare, pray: for the country, the protection of voting rights, the courage of elected officials and the integrity of our electoral process.

Support voters and voting rights

Help friends and family register to vote.
Share your commitment to voting and voting rights on social media.
Give to organizations that support voting rights, including LiveFree, the Brennan Center for Justice or Election Protection.
Volunteer with Election Protection.

Remember, your vote is your voice — let it be heard! Pray for our country, and the freedoms of all people everywhere.

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