Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Article | June 22, 2017

Dinner with Grace June Update

Blog|Nicole Stahl

The next time you sign up for Dinner with Grace, you’ll see a bunch of smiling faces from last Tuesday’s cooking greeting you from the banner photo.

 This happy group was another classic assemblage of newcomers and old friends drawn to our rewarding ministry of caring and fellowship. This time our crew included a group of four Facebook employees who traded an evening of fine dining for the chance to be of service to our special community, along with several DwG veterans.

And actually, there was some fine dining going on, both at Grace after cooking and at the Mentone! Lead chef Nicole Sroka directed the preparation of a bountiful meal of sliders, roasted sweet potato rounds, coleslaw, and Mom’s peach crisp. Yum!

Here’s the feedback from Shari Gardner, case manager at the Mentone:

“I am happy to report another successful night. Last night we served 42 clients. When I went home at 7:38 pm there were only six sliders left with one tray of coleslaw. I would definitely call that a success. Thank you, Lord, for the unconditional love shown to the Mentone residents every month. Thank you and your volunteers for spreading unconditional love each time you visit.”

The only downside to the evening was our fond farewell to stalwart server Lauren Doone, who will soon be on her way to San Diego. We will miss her and wish her all the best! Fortunately, as a truly committed volunteer, she has introduced her good friend Karen to DwG, a winning contribution (and who knows–she just may take over Lauren’s knife pose!).

Next Month’s Dates:

We need lead chefs for both sets of dates, so please don’t be shy about stepping up to help!

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 27 and 28, Crosby
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 11 and 12, Mentone

Here’s who we have to thank for spreading that unconditional love:

The Serving Staff:

Nicole Sroka, plus her brother and his wife; Deepti Doshi, Matthew Terrell, Monica Ares, Michael Huang, Michael Wood, Linda Coughenour, Olivia Tzou, Julie Tran, Angel Rivera, Nicole Stahl

Ella Garcia, Lauren Doone, Karen Hynes, Belen Lopez, Zeph Cheung, Vince Flores, Nicole Stahl

Food Reheat:  Bill Van Loo

Driver: Zeph Cheung

Have a good week, keep cool and hope to see you again soon!




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