Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

June 21, 2023 at 7:30 pm

TILT: A Celebration of Light and Music on the Summer Solstice

Wednesday June 21, 2023 | 7:30 pm The Warm Up and Concert

Celebrate the Solstice with Music and Grace.

Kick off the sunniest season of the year with an immersive experience that will warm your soul.

Begin your evening enjoying summery cocktails, craft ales and bistro bites at The Warm Up party featuring the hypnotic, sunset-inspired liquid light show by Mad Alchemy.

Revel in dynamic performances from innovative artists Nikola Printz and Efraín Solís in an inspirational program curated by pianist-producer Ronny Michael Greenberg. If you enjoy music, receive discounts on TILT and our concerts, along with many other arts, dance performances, and cultural offerings found only at Grace, by joining our Cultural Membership program. Details below.

Celebrate the solstice with music and Grace.

The name TILT refers to the angle of the sun at the summer solstice, the point where the sun appears to reach its highest point in the sky for the year (the word “solstice” combines the Latin words sol for “sun” and sistere for “to stand still”). 

TILT is also a different angle on music, an intimate concert in celebration of light, taking place in the marvelous ambiance of Grace Cathedral on the longest day of the year.  The Ghiberti Center for Culture, the arts and culture foundation at Grace, presents TILT on Wednesday, June 21. 

The Artists

Nikola Printz

A mesmerizing and fiery mezzo, is a graduate of the SF Conservatory of Music and a current San Francisco Opera Adler Fellow. Originally making their musical home in jazz and cabaret music, Nikola is well-versed in cross-over styles of singing and an avid performer of new music. Artistically fearless, they are also an aerialist, focusing their training at the SF Circus Center.

Efraín Solís

A dramatic and colorful baritone, is an SF Opera Adler Fellow and Merola Opera Program alumnus. The San Francisco Chronicle exclaims, “For theatrical charisma and musical bravado, it would be hard to top his performance.” Opera Today extols his “charm, pent-up fun, and exuberant singing.”

Ronny Michael Greenberg

A dynamic and passionate opera coach at San Francisco Opera and performing arts producer. His virtuosic talents have graced the stages of esteemed venues across the globe. He is passionate about challenging the boundaries of genre and culture, always searching for new ways to bring people together through collaboration and artistic freedom.

Thank you to our TILT Sponsors for shining your light on the arts at Grace Cathedral:


Tom and Carol Burkhart
Peter and Jane Carpenter
Valerie Crane Dorfman


Michael Scheu and F. Sloat Van Winkle


Kay Sprinkel Grace

Kathi Burke and Ralph Davis

Join friends for a summery TILT cocktail, craft ales and bistro bites at The Warm Up!

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Ghiberti Center for Culture

Many of our events are produced by the Ghiberti Center for Culture, the arts and culture foundation at Grace Cathedral. Its mission is to enrich and inspire all people through the arts, music, and education programming and to preserve Grace Cathedral, a San Francisco treasure and resource

For Paul

TILT is inspired by the memory of Paul Crane Dorfman (1939-2018), a good friend of the cathedral who loved music, culture, houses of worship, fresh ideas, and mentoring young people.