Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

February 13, 2024


You made The Elements of Grace come to life!

Thank you for joining us for Carnivale on February 13, 2024 – one of the best nights of the year! Together we raised over $890,000 to support the community through our innovative spiritual offerings, our passion for inclusive arts and culture, and doing the work of social justice. It’s not too late to give to Fund the Future. Love, hope, unity, and connection abound due to our community's support!

Carnivale Photo Gallery

Drew Altizer Photography

Relive the magic with beautifully shot photos courtesy of Drew Altizer Photography.

Earth Photobooth

Vanity Portrait Studio

See the dramatic and glamorous portraits from the earthy, transformed Chapel of the Nativity.


The Carnivale Committee

Erin McCune, Carnivale co-chair
Robert J. Brown, Carnivale co-chair  

Lily Bowles Leo
Patricia Calfee Picache
Art Yeap 

Carnivale Sponsors

Thank You To Our Generous Carnivale Sponsors



Ann Schmitt


William J. Bennington


Robert J. Brown and Avery L. Hansen

Noelle Leca and Michael Moradzadeh

Diana Marchesi and Scott Turner

Erin McCune

Mr. and Mrs. Garrett A. H. Price, III



Robert H. Beadle

Eliza Brown and Hal Candee

Valerie Crane Dorfman

Tobias S. Keller

Lily and Austin Leo

The Nicol Family of Flagstaff, Arizona

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Spivey


Aetos Alternatives Management

Asset Management Company

John and Carol Berg

Tom and Phoebe Campbell

Cathedral School for Boys

Saidah and David Dill

Lynn and Anisya Fritz

John Gnuse and Stacey Dunn-Emke

Mike and Martha Helms

Leslie and George Hume

The Moca Foundation

Amy V. Quirk and Michael P. Lehmann

Pamela and Gregory Scott

William and Jenny Stegall

Diane B. Wilsey

Clement Xue and Aaron Finegold

Board of Trustees

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Marc Handley Andrus, President
The Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young, Vice President
Garrett A. H. Price, III, Chair
Tobias S. Keller, Vice Chair
Anne Casscells, Treasurer
Jean Krasilnikoff, Secretary

Karen Beausey
Sarah Benjamin
William J. Bennington
John Berg
Jonathan M. Bishop
Robert J. Brown, MD
Phoebe Campbell
Richard Compean
Valerie Crane Dorfman
Saidah Grayson Dill
Claire Griffin
Kay Sprinkel Grace

Michael Janis
L. Jasmine Kim
Noëlle M. Leca
Lily M. Bowles Leo
Lenny López
Doug MacKay
Bridget Maley
Diana Marchesi
Erin McCune
Justin R. Moore
Tricia Weaver Moss

Michael G. Pappas
Michael J. Patterson
Patricia Calfee Picache
Alma Robinson Moses
Will Stegall
Sean B.A. Sullivan
Mauricio Wilson
Art Yeap
Marco Yergovich