Winter Interfaith Shelter

The Winter Interfaith Shelter is sponsored by the San Francisco Interfaith Council and run by Episcopal Community Services. The Interfaith Shelter provides dinner, breakfast and a dry place to sleep for 60-100 homeless men during the coldest and wettest time of the year. Grace Cathedral cooperates with many other congregations in San Francisco in this important endeavor.

Where is it?

The location where we cook and serve varies each year, but it is always in San Francisco.

When is it?

The shelter will be open from November 2019 to February 2020. Please stay tuned for this year’s upcoming dates to be announced.

How do I get involved?

Register to cook or serve. Questions? Contact the Rev. Heather Erickson by email or phone (415) 749-6364. Together we can make a difference for the homeless on our streets.

What time commitment is expected?

There are two shifts available for each date.

Are you a great cook?

Have you cooked for groups before? Coordinated small teams of volunteers? We are especially looking for volunteers who can lead, or partner with someone to lead, one of the cooking teams. We will support you in being successful in this. If you would consider being a lead cook or a co-cook, please contact the Rev. Heather Erickson.

Contact Information

Telephone: 415-749-6364


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