Gun Violence

Grace Cathedral is deeply concerned about the epidemic of gun violence in the United States.


We have turned this concern into action by partnering with the Brady Campaign and Moms Demand Action, leadership in the Stop Family Fire campaign and participation in the March for Our Lives movement.

The Moral Voice: Faith Speaks Out on Gun Violence
Monday, June 10 at 7 pm

Join leaders from across the city and across the faiths to hear how their beliefs impact their stance on gun violence. Together we can imagine and build a safer San Francisco and a safer country.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Ellen Clark-King will be moderating. Supervisor Catherine Stefani and Elaine Donlin, Sensei of the Buddhist Church of San Francisco and others will join the panel.

Starting at 6 p.m., French artist JR’s live mural project and project with Time Magazine, Guns in America, will be available for viewing. His work focuses on the debate around gun control. Make sure to come early for an insightful look into this debate, to provide context for the panel discussion that follows.

Victims of Gun Violence Altar
The gun violence altar commemorates local people killed by guns and provides both a space for prayer and material to help people take action. You can light a candle, pray and write your own prayer for the victims or for our country.


Learn more about social justice and social outreach at Grace Cathedral.

The Rev. Dr. Ellen Clark-King’s Prayer on Gun Violence
The Episcopal Church on Gun Violence









If you would like to do more now, consider:

  • Supporting the Brady Campaign or Moms Demand Action financially or as a volunteer
  • Inform yourself and lobby your senator about Senate Bill 1200
  • Inform yourself and lobby your congress representative about Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation
  • Check any guns you own are stored safely and securely
  • Ask about guns in the house and how they are secured when your child is invited to a friend’s home.

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