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Love Grace Cathedral? Help us spread the word about all that goes on here! Here are some easy ways you can be an awesome ambassador for Grace! First, follow us on social media…





The Choir of Men and Boys, The Vine and Yoga on the Labyrinth have social media accounts too — and Grace Cathedral is on Spotify!

Liking and commenting on our posts and tweets is a great first step. Even better is sharing cathedral events and posts on your own Facebook page, inviting friends to come to our events and retweeting us. You can also share events directly from our website using the social share buttons on the calendar.

When you hear a good sermon, get inspired by a volunteer activity, enjoy a cultural event or have or witness something that says “Grace” to you, create your own posts or tweets and share them. Use our hashtags #GraceisLove #GraceisHome #artatGrace

In addition to reading our posts and tweets on social media, make sure you “subscribe, open and click” when it comes to our weekly e-newsletters. That way you’ll never miss a cathedral service, event or program that you care about.

Facebook is great, but so is face-to-face! If someone you’re talking to is looking for a church, seeks community, needs pastoral care, loves music, arts and ideas or wants to do truly meaningful volunteer work, tell them about Grace Cathedral!

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