Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Serving in Cathedral Liturgy

This collects resources needed to serve confidently in the liturgy at Grace Cathedral.


Schedules are produced using an online tool, Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP), in 2-3 month segments. To accommodate the breadth of cathedral liturgies and needs, the system works first by users clarifying when they are not available, and then at which service(s) and in what ministries and with what frequency they would like to serve. Email reminders are sent on a weekly basis, along with the recipient’s scheduled services for the coming weeks, as well as important details (script, when to arrive) for the coming Sunday.

If you are not able to serve at your scheduled time, please sub-request. This allows someone else who is qualified and available to take your place, and lets those responsible for the services anticipate a change. If you are available to serve, you may accept someone else’s request for a sub.

The Lectionary

Grace Cathedral joins the Episcopal Church, and many other Christian bodies, in following a three-year lectionary cycle. We also observe feasts according to the The Book of Common Prayer (1979) and other authorized resources, as well as special observances appropriate to our role, history and context. For clarity, and for continuity among the staff and volunteers who serve, the lectionary is published online at, and updated regularly. Scripture readings are taken from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, and at celebrations of the Eucharist and spoken offices (Morning and Evening Prayer), an inclusive-language version of the psalms, either the Psalter for the Christian People, or the St. Helena Psalter, is used.

Cycles of Prayer

At spoken offices (Morning and Evening Prayer), Grace Cathedral joins the wider church in cycles of prayer: for those in our diocese, among other Episcopal Cathedrals, the member churches of the Anglican Communion, as well as those for whom it is an anniversary of death. These are published in the same calendar as the lectionary. In addition to the cycles of prayer, the officiant will offer other prayers for the world, those in need, and any who have asked our prayers. Prayer requests maybe submitted online. 

Service Leaflets

Leaflets for Sunday Eucharists, Evensong and other festivals are published online at on Thursday afternoons.

Slides for Morning Prayer live in a shared folder, organized by season.