Seniors with Grace on Spring Retreat

By The Rev. Ken Parris

Thursday, March 16

Fourteen seniors and the cathedral’s entire compliment of deacons travelled to Bishop’s Ranch for two days of reflection, rest and fun. Deacon Margaret, continuing on the theme of a “life map” from the fall retreat, encouraged attendees to stretch themselves in examining what they look forward to in the next five years of their lives. Through much introspection and laughter, everyone shared what they are looking forward to in the years to come. All agreed that aging is a gift and, to fully appreciate the gift, one has to live fully. Deacon Doe organized the liturgy for the retreat that included morning prayer, evening prayer, Holy Eucharist and compline. Deacon Nina provided the group with her stellar leadership and mediated disputes during a heated game of Hearts the first evening. Deacon Ken, the youngest of the group, was exhausted just keeping up with the fast paced seniors. All came away with wonderful memories and are looking forward to the next time they gather.

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