Deanery Delegates

What is a Deanery?

The Diocese of California is broken up into deaneries, which are local groupings of parishes, missions and congregations. Breaking the larger diocese into smaller local groups encourages regional cooperation and a way to streamline information from the bishop to local clergy and congregations.

What do they do?

Deaneries hold meetings to collaborate on projects, apply for grants, help manage the diocesan treasury, make decisions about church governance and to determine policy and policy positions around church governance and resolution proposals in advance of the annual diocesan convention. Deaneries act as a local link to the larger diocesan body.

How does Grace Cathedral support the Deanery?

Grace Cathedral elects representatives from the Cathedral congregation to serve on the San Francisco Deanery of the Diocese of California. The delegation attends the four San Francisco Deanery Convocations held around the City each year and together, with other San Francisco Episcopal congregations and institutions, oversees support of local congregation ministries, local policy and the local deanery treasury.

At the Diocesan level, Grace’s delegates to the annual Diocesan Convention are charged with governing the by-laws of the Diocese, managing the Diocesan treasury, determining policies and policy positions applicable to all congregations and institutions within the Diocese and oversight of diocesan ministries.

Who serves on the Grace Cathedral Deanery delegation?

Grace Cathedral sends up to fourteen delegates to convocations and seven voting delegates to Diocesan Convention. We are the congregation’s link to our larger diocesan family and another way for the Episcopal Church to do God’s work outside the doors of Grace Cathedral. The convener of the Cathedral delegation is Karma Quick-Panwela.

How can you get connected?

We welcome any questions or comments regarding the Deanery and are happy to share information on our most recent convention and convocation to the greater Cathedral Congregation and to all who attend Grace. Please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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