The Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is the official governing body of Grace Cathedral. Nine of the 37 members are elected by the congregation and 28 are elected by the Board from the congregation and the community at large. The Bishop of California serves as the President, and the Dean of Grace Cathedral serves as Vice President.

Karen Beausey

Christine Bensen

Jonathan M. Bishop

Lily M. Bowles Leo

Stuart Burden

Jane Shaw Carpenter

Valerie Crane Dorfman

Donald W. Derheim

Peter M. Drake

Jennifer Jones Edwardson

Priscilla Geeslin

Vance Y. George

John Gnuse

Greg Gretsch

The Rev. Jill Honodel

Herbert L. Jeong

Tobias S. Keller

Nöelle M. Leca

Bridget Maley

Diana Marchesi

Stephen Mattoon

Vice Chair

Benjamin P. Miralles, Jr.

Tricia Weaver Moss

Lori Ogden Moore

Michael J. Patterson

Patricia E. Picache


Garrett A. H. Price, III

Vice Chair

Renn Rhodes

Alma Robinson Moses

Michael Scheu

Rita Semel

Sanjay Shamdasani

Sean B. A. Sullivan

Rosemary Turner

Susan Von Herrmann

David W. Walker


Mary R. Wood

Scott Elaine Wright-Case


Clement Xue

Art Yeap

Eric Yopes

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