Who Is Your Neighbor?

Building Bridges Towards Inclusivity and Justice

In an increasingly divided city, how can we find common ground and reclaim civility? In 2020, we join our neighbors at GLIDE for a series of bridge-building conversations about systemic racism, poverty and climate change. Sessions are free and open to all. Each evening will begin with an informal shared meal followed by moderated conversations with experts on addressing divisive systems, facilitated table discussions, music and more.

  • January 30 at Grace Cathedral
  • February 20 at GLIDE (330 Ellis Street, SF)
  • March 19 at Grace – Canceled for the Health and Safety of our Community
  • April 23 at GLIDE – Postponed for the health and safety of our community 
  • May 28 at Grace

Time of Sessions: Refreshments at 6 pm; program starts at 6:30 pm

Session 1: Who Is Your Neighbor?
When: Thursday, January 30. Shared meal begins at 6 pm; program begins at 6:30 pm
Location: Dining Room at Grace Cathedral
Description: We are told to “love our neighbors,” but what does that mean? Who is my neighbor? Our opening session will get to the core of how to truly understand each other, and explore ways to build relationships with people who may have different lived experiences to our own.
Facilitators/speakers: Isoke Femi, Maven of Transformative Learning, Center for Social Justice, GLIDE and The Rev. Canon Dr. Ellen Clark-King, Vice Dean and Canon for Social Justice, Grace Cathedral  

Session 2: What Keeps Us Apart?
When: Thursday, February 20. Shared meal begins at 6 pm; program begins at 6:30 pm 
Location: GLIDE
Description: Is it possible that we have more in common with each other than we think? Facilitators Marvin White from Glide and Jorim Rhee from Grace will help us explore that question as they lead discussions to help uncover how we can live in community.
Facilitators/speakers: Marvin K. White, MDiv, GLIDE Minister of Celebration and Jorim Rhee, Fierce Femme-of-Color, Community and Faith Organizer, Child of Immigrants, and Program Manager at Grace Cathedral  

Session 3: Can I Make A Difference?
When: Thursday, March 19. Shared meal begins at 6 pm; program begins at 6:30 pm 
Location: Grace Cathedral
Description: Problems are many. Solutions feel elusive. Take heart: change is possible, and you are not alone! Activist Lisa Fithian will share stories, insights and best practices from her over forty years of leadership in community organizing. It will be an empowering evening, leaving attendees with a sense of possibility, direction and hope for the future. 
Facilitator/speaker: Lisa Fithian, a community organizer, nonviolent direct-action trainer and author of Shut It Down: Stories from a Fierce, Loving Resistance (2019), has been working at the forefront of nonviolent social change since the mid 1970’s.   

Session 4: From Neighbor to Kin, Breaking Down the Silos
When: Thursday, April 23. Shared meal begins at 6 pm; program begins at 6:30 pm
Location: GLIDE
Description: As staff Rabbi for Glide’s Center for Social Justice, Michael Lezak works to create a broad interfaith justice coalition. Michael will share insights from the field and share philosophies and practicalities involved in his reconciliation and justice work. He will also address how to bring groups with different experiences together to build strong, blended communities. 
Facilitator/speaker: Rabbi Michael Lezak, Staff Rabbi at Glide’s Center for Social Justice

Session 5: Reimagining Place, Rethinking Justice 
When: Thursday, May 28. Shared meal begins at 6 pm; program begins at 6:30 pm
Location: Grace Cathedral
Description: Can a space promote justice and reconciliation? In our broken justice system, for example, we can miss how the architecture of courthouses, prisons and other government facilities communicate authority and punishment coming from “on high,” instead of bringing stakeholders together for healing and reconciliation. Designer and restorative justice innovator Deanna Van Buren creates spaces that bring stakeholders together to restore broken relationships. Attendees will leave with ideas for transforming the spaces around them.
: Deanna Van Buren, co-founder of Oakland-based Designing Justice+Designing spaces

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