Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

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Mind, Body, and Spirit

Center Yourself at Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral is a space not only for prayer but for centering your body and mind. Through our Sound Baths, Yoga on the Labyrinth, and Candlelight Labyrinth walks, you can find the best route for you to align your mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga on the Labyrinth

Join us amidst the soaring gothic columns and sparkling stained glass windows of Grace Cathedral. Practice appropriate for all levels with our expert instructors set to live music on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings – a truly unique Yoga in San Francisco experience!  

Sound Baths

Be transported through a journey of sound and immersive light amidst the beauty of our sacred cathedral.  Experience deep meditation as you recline or lie down to experience the waves of soothing, echoing sounds lovingly performed by our talented musicians deeply rooted in world music.  

Generation Active

Generation Active is a specially designed program to help you embrace the joys of vitality. This is a group class of mindfulness practices combined with physical activities that will help you balance, maintain strength and posture, stay centered on reducing stress, and continue to stay active.