“Facing our False Sense of Certainty” – A Reflection by Dean Emeritus Alan Jones

By The Rev. AnnaMarie Hoos

Wednesday, April 29

“The Coronavirus has uncovered our false sense of certainty,” says Dean Emeritus Alan W. Jones in this #GraceAtHome reflection. As we head into the seventh week of sheltering-in-place here in San Francisco, Alan shares what he is noticing and wondering.

He says, “It has been said that we are WEIRD. That is, we are Western Educated Industrialized Rich and Democratic. Or, we used to be until this virus showed up. Our confidence in our way of life and who we are has been undermined.” But also, ““One thing the pandemic affords is our recovery of the strangeness of life, the gift of life, the sheer amazing fact that we’re here at all…to see things afresh.” And he asks, “[How do we] have a joyful and generous vision of life even in these times when mortality and fragility demand our attention. How are we going to rejoice?”

What are you noticing and wondering in this time?

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