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Storytelling in the Digital Age

November 15, 2015

About the conversation

About a decade ago, when the current monsoon of commentary on how the internet is hurting people’s reading habits, thought processes and even their empathy was just a rainstorm, Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks had a novel idea. They saw the digital age as an opportunity rather than a threat and used it to create renewed, vital audiences for good literature by founding the online literary journal, Narrative. In this conversation, Carol will discuss the many ways that reading quality prose benefits individuals and communities, and how the digital age has not diminished the need for great stories and their timeless ability to engage and inspire readers.

About the guest

Carol Edgarian has been an author, journalist, editor, publisher and teacher for more than thirty years. Her novels include the New York Times bestseller Three Stages of Amazement and international bestseller Rise the Euphrates. Her articles, essays and interviews have appeared in the Wall Street Journal and on NPR. In 2003, Carol and Tom Jenks founded Narrative, the first online periodical to publish quality literature. Today Narrative is the leading digital platform for storytelling; via its Web site and mobile apps, Narrative publishes more than three hundred artists every year, including Pulitzer Prize winners, Poet Laureates and the best new and emerging authors of the day. Often referred to as “literature’s PBS,” Narrative’s modern library of thousands of stories, poems and essays is available to readers and students everywhere for free.

Guest: Carol Edgarian


Carol Edgarian, award-winning novelist and cofounder of Narrative, in conversation with the Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm C. Young, dean of Grace Cathedral.



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