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Second Storm: inkBoat with Rova Saxophone Quartet

March 16, 2019

5:00 pm

Second Storm is a work in development towards the creation of The Storm in My House, a multi-disciplinary (dance, music and installation) performance. Along with guests Rova Saxophone Quartet, Second Storm is collaboratively created and performed by inkBoat, directed by Shinichi Iova-Koga. The theme is home: its absence, its presence, and the feeling of home as physical space, identity or culture.

The Storm In My House is a response to inflamed social issues in contemporary America: economic inequality, displacement, and deterioration of the social safety net. Throughout the piece you’ll hear field recordings and interviews from an extraordinary location in the San Francisco Bay Area: The Albany Bulb. For decades the Bulb was a place where construction materials were dumped, creating a peninsula that sticks out a mile into San Francisco Bay. On that peninsula, trees and wildlife have grown, and, in the late 20th century, a collection of artists began to make work and fashion dwellings there, a utopian alternative to Bay Area communities with skyrocketing rents, a shift in commitment to civic arts, and a narrow focus on consumerism.




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