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Inner Light: Whirling Performance

February 22, 2020

2:30 pm

How to face the reality of our climate crisis? As we witness the unraveling of our world, how can we connect with our emotions individually and collectively? When the lights around us go out, where can we find a source of hope?

This Alchemy Spinning performance is an improvisation whirling by Raquel Santiago that talks about climate change, one of the most challenging events of our time, and how to be emotionally open and vulnerable in order to change and transform our reality.

Join her workshop at 10 a.m.

Watch: The Spinning Swan

Raquel Santiago is an international dancer and a dance activist originally from Barcelona, Spain, now living in Nevada City, California. She is trained in a wide variety of dance styles such as Contemporary, Middle Eastern, African, Butoh, Body Weather, Creative Dance, Danza Duende, Noguchi Taiso, Gaga and Persian Dance. She also studied integral yoga and taught for many years in Barcelona. Santiago developed Alchemy Spinning™, an accessible, pleasurable and powerful guided practice, inspired by Sufi Dervishes, that takes your body, your mind and your spirit through a journey of self-discovery, expanded consciousness and higher potential. She has worked as a yoga and dance therapist with patients with eating disorders at Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona, Spain and is a Founding Innovator at Kumu, a California-based innovation lab for activism. She has been dubbed by the press as “the New Isadora Duncan of the Environment.”

This event is part of Spacious Grace, the cathedral’s annual free-form arts festival when we remove the pews and invoke the muse. Now in its sixth year, Spacious Grace runs from February 4 to 23.


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