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Grace Forum Online with Dr. Grace Kao: Safe vs. Free: Doing the Right Thing in the Time of COVID-19

June 24, 2020

6:00 pm

Join us for Grace Cathedral’s flagship conversation program online with ethicist, author and award-winning teacher Grace Kao.

The COVID-19 public health emergency is also causing a human rights crisis, with its economic and social effects disproportionately impacting the poor, the elderly and people of color.  Even if “we are all in this together,” some enjoy more safety, shelter, resources and care.  How does moral thinking about the common good challenge these disparities? Do conceptions of the common good differ across national and cultural contexts?  How can religious communities and theological ethics teach us to address them? 

Join us to hear from Grace Kao, Professor of Ethics at the Claremont School of Theology and co-director of the Center for Sexuality, Gender and Religionin conversation with Dean Malcolm Clemens Young about individualism and inequality, solidarity and the common good, and discerning a sense of the global common good in a time of crisis.



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About the guest

Consistent with her training in religious studies, theology, and philosophy at Stanford University (BA/MA) and Harvard University (PhD), Grace Kao’s expertise lies at the intersections of those fields. She regularly teaches and researches in the following areas: Christian ethics, human rights and animal ethics/theology, public theology, feminist theology/ethics and Asian American theology/Christian ethics. She is the author of Grounding Human Rights in a Pluralist World and co-editor of the anthologies, Encountering the Sacred: Feminist Reflections on Women’s Lives and Asian American Christian Ethics, the first volume of its kind. Kao is currently at work on three different book projects, two of which are now under contract. A sought-after speaker, she keeps an active conference schedule and has been invited to guest teach or deliver scholarly talks at institutions including Yale Divinity School, Princeton Theological Seminary, Columbia Theological Seminary, Harvard University and Georgetown University

About the host

The Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm Clemens Young is the dean of Grace Cathedral. He is the author of The Spiritual Journal of Henry David Thoreau and The Invisible Hand in Wilderness: Economics, Ecology, and God, and is a regular contributor on religion to the Huffington Post and San Francisco Examiner.

About The Forum

The Forum is a series of stimulating conversations about faith and ethics in relation to the important issues of our day. We invite inspiring and illustrious people to sit down for a real conversation with the Forum’s host, Malcolm Clemens Young, the dean of Grace Cathedral, and with you. Our guests range from artists, inventors and philosophers to pop culturists and elected officials, but the point of The Forum is singular: civil, sophisticated discourse that engages minds and hearts to think in new ways about the world.


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