Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Congregation Retreat at The Bishop's Ranch

Saturday, May 27 – Sunday, May 29

Register Now for Grace Cathedral’s Congregation Retreat!

Join your cathedral friends for a three-day weekend as we gather in community at the diocesan ranch on a hilltop overlooking the vineyards of Sonoma County.

Enjoy light programming, establish connections and renew relationships, savor the beauty of nature, and share in delicious meals.

Registration for The Bishops Ranch is now closed.

For further information, please contact the Rev. Canon Mary Carter Greene, Canon Pastor, at [email protected].

One fee covers three days and two nights of lodging, meals, and activities, including swimming. Reservations for the retreat are booked by the room.

Some rooms will accommodate two people while others sleep three or four. (See the list below for details.) Most have private baths; some rooms are discounted because the shower is down the hall. Scholarships are available to those who have not received scholarships over the last three retreats.

Space is limited, and reservations are required. No dogs are allowed.

Room & Board

Ranch House

$793 – Full Bed/Twin Bed; Sleeps 3

$793 – Queen Bed/Bunk Bed; Sleeps 4

$843 – Queen Bed/Twin Bed; Sleeps 3

West Wing

$476 –  Full Bed. Shower down the hall; Sleeps 2

$720 – Two Twin Beds. 1st Floor; Sleeps 2

$574 – Two Twin Beds. Shower down the hall; Sleeps 2

Webb Lodge

$866 – Full Bed/Twin Bed. First-floor patio; Sleeps 3

$866 – Two Twin Beds. First-floor patio; Sleeps 2

Webb Lodge Full Twin Balcony

$843 – Full Bed/Twin Bed. Second-floor balcony; Sleeps 3