Citizen Awareness

At Grace Cathedral we take our civic duty seriously and encourage all our members to think through their political, social and economic positions and decisions.


Not all Christians vote the same way, but all Christians ought to be involved and concerned enough with the world around them to vote.

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Civil Discourse
Every Sunday in July at 9:30 am One of the essentials for a civilized society is to be able to disagree with one another respectfully and courteously. Join us in July for a four-week course looking at how to talk together about divisive issues, with open listening and clear presentation of our own viewpoint. This series will guide respectful discussions about politics, policy and legislation, as we prepare for the mid term elections in the fall.

Mid Term Election Debates

Grace hopes to host at least one non-partisan event that gives our community a chance to dialogue with candidates for the mid term elections. Stay tuned for more information.


Learn more about social justice and social outreach at Grace Cathedral.

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