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Seniors with Grace May Community Day

By Tracee Zyla

Wednesday, June 7

Seniors with Grace gathered for our monthly Community Day on May 25. Our seniors convene every fourth Thursday of the month from 9:30 am – 2 pm. We start the day with a fresh, full breakfast followed by Bible study,...

Tri-Valley Interfaith Iftar Dinner

By The Rev. Canon Mark Stanger

Tuesday, June 6

Iftar means ‘fast-breaking,’ and it is an integral part of the Muslim community life during the sacred month of Ramadan. Muslims break their daily Ramadan fast with a community dinner called an “iftar.” Please join...

A Wonderful Preschool Camping Trip

By Brooke Giesen

Tuesday, June 6

The Community Preschool went camping in The Presidio at Rob Hill Campground on Friday night. With the help of Camping at the Presidio program, which is run in partnership with Bay Area Wilderness Training, the Golden Gate National Parks...

Knit Kids’ Clothing with the Stitching Ministry

By Fran Rounds

Sunday, June 4

Dear knitters, crocheters, and other workers with yarn, Now that school is out, we can turn our attention to its reopening in the fall. Deacon Nina will be pleased to accept kids’ sweaters, hats and...

Lectionary Reflection: Pentecost

By Carol James

Friday, June 2

There’s an immediate connection and sense of being welcomed when someone speaks your own language to you when you’re far from home. The Spirit, in our readings today, seeks us where we are and as...

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