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Exploring “Difference” with Bill Van Loo and Seniors with Grace

By Tracee Zyla

Wednesday, July 17

“Peg was the storyteller, not me,” Bill claims. True, his late wife Peg was quite the storyteller. However, I believe our seniors would agree with me that, actually, Bill himself is a riveting storyteller and...

Live – Love – Laugh with Nina and Jumon on May Senior Community Day

By Tracee Zyla

Wednesday, June 5

How do you say farewell to our Ven. Canon Nina Pickerrell on her final Senior Community Day before she embarks on the next chapter of her pastoral journey? First, you make sure she is a...

Adventures in Cell Phones for Seniors with Grace

By Tracee Zyla

Monday, August 6

When it comes to cell phones, do you love them, hate them, or find yourself somewhere in between? “How many of our seniors here today own a mobile phone?” Special guest (and regular volunteer fresh...

Judith in June for Seniors with Grace Community Day

By Tracee Zyla

Monday, July 9

Seniors with Grace welcomed special guest Judith Dold, Professional Organizer Owner of Twilight Organizing, for Senior Community Day on Thursday, June 28. With bright aqua blue hair, warm energy and a winning smile, Judith helped...

Celebrating Peg Van Loo

By Tracee Zyla

Monday, June 11

For the partner still living, sometimes the silence in the months following a beloved spouse’s death is a uniquely challenging time. The funeral is done. The friends who surrounded us with love and hugs and...

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