Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral
GraceArts, a cultural membership program, is designed to invite connection, inspiration, and well-being for the broader Bay Area community. 

Grace Cathedral welcomes people from all backgrounds and spiritual beliefs to experience an atmosphere of goodwill and belonging within our iconic space. Stepping through our doors opens you up to a world of moving experiences. Heartwarming church services offer celebration. World-renowned musicians push the boundaries of innovative sound. A loving community of yoga practitioners flow through sun salutations amidst soaring Gothic columns. Everyone is invited to join and explore the vast mysteries that transcend the day-to-day world and strengthen our sense of shared identity – through interactions that spark awe.  

Introducing GraceArts: Encouraging Meaningful Connection 

We all have an innate need to cultivate social bonds, especially now that there is a renewed desire for inclusive and expansive communities, and with less interaction at work. At Grace Cathedral, we firmly believe that nurturing an inclusive member community can unite us through the transformative power of shared experiences. We offer you GraceArts, a specially designed cultural membership program, through which a sense of belonging is felt, and human connection can flourish.  

With GraceArts, becoming a member is not predicated on being Christian, but simply on sharing a love of the arts and a desire for well-being. Members receive discounts and special access to a wide range of programming, but the benefits of joining are much more far-reaching. Whether attending a GraceArts event on your own or with others, every sound bath, each yoga practice, or any performance has this sense of togetherness, and the feeling is palpable. We instill warmth and belonging, even within a cathedral full of yet-unknown friends.  

The cathedral contains a treasure trove of art within its walls. We notice a glint of gold off to the side, only to realize it’s a radiant triptych created by the 80s pop art master, Keith Haring, the last piece of artwork he ever created, poignantly placed within the AIDS Interfaith Memorial Chapel. We turn a corner and come upon a sky-high striation of light. This nave art installation beckons us, Jacob’s Dream: A Luminous Path, by Grace Artists-in-Residence, Benjamin Bergery and Jim Campbell. Add to this the irresistible programming, and GraceArts is sure to captivate on every level. 

“We offer everyone a glimpse into how the world can be, and in reality, it is the world at Grace,” says Vice Dean Greg Kimura. “It’s that level of acceptance and love that makes our cultural membership so different.” GraceArts allows us to embody a wonderful integration of all these different elements that ignite our senses, encourage connection, instill belonging, and nurture our well-being.  

Something Exceptional for Everyone 

Belonging to GraceArts opens up special access and discounts to our exciting calendar of events that include organ recitals, Grace Light, Grace-N-Motion, a 24-hour Circlesong led by legendary vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin, Studio Ghibli, Mind, Body, and Spirit programs, and so much more. Our cathedral provides the perfect setting to elevate each experience to an unparalleled level, leaving those who attend with that intangible sense of wonder. And with our members-only gatherings, you have the chance to mingle with other members and invite one-on-one conversations. “We want to support the well-being of our whole Bay Area community,” said Kimura. “Everyone who walks through our doors can experience the feeling of something larger than oneself.”    

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