Grace Cathedral

Grace Cathedral

Dear people of Grace Cathedral, 

Since its foundation, Grace Cathedral has echoed with the sounds of children singing. Our Cathedral Choir is deeply grounded in the Anglican practice of educating children to sing and lead in the liturgy. We inherit a commitment to choristers that is difficult to match in the United States, and includes the founding of Cathedral School for Boys, where our boy choristers are so beautifully educated. Grace Cathedral knows how important choristers are to the life of the world, and how deeply formative their education is. 

Therefore, it is my great pleasure to announce the formation of the first Grace Cathedral Choir of Girls. We will be forming this ensemble as an after-school program in early 2024, and in the coming months and years will be dedicated to the long-term success of this venture.  

Our first group of girl choristers will begin rehearsals in February and will meet for three months as a pilot project, as we continue to build relationships with families and schools in the Bay Area, and as we build the infrastructure for sustainable long-term success for the girls’ choir. I will be thrilled to direct this ensemble and to be joined by our extraordinary cathedral music team in teaching and leading this group. 

Forming a new choir is no small undertaking, and it will require cooperation, support, and teamwork. I ask for your prayers and your patience as we move forward in small and big steps in the coming years. Please pray for our girl, boy, and adult choristers, for their families, and for Grace Cathedral as we begin this work. 

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Sincerely yours,

Jared Johnson
Canon Director of Music